Finding Duplicates Is Not a Pain Any More!

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In the age of fast technology development, with the growing number of photos on PC hard drive, abundance of digital cameras and all sorts of mp3 players, the problem of all-too-similar images and duplicates in your photo and music collections has become a real pain for many of you... But as it often happens, when the modern technology causes a problem, the modern technology itself finds the solution for that problem! Thus, now you can solve problems with duplicates, overloading your hard drive, using modern software finding duplicate images, photos and songs. Here are just some of the plus points for you using such software.

No primitive searching for duplicates by file name and size!

Though many people are skeptic because they think that the search performed by such programs is rather primitive and is based on external file properties, like file name, file size or tags, it's far from being true for Image Comparer! You see this advanced software analyzes the images themselves and allows finding duplicate photos by visual content, not name or size! That means you can find all similar photos on your PC which are not complete duplicates; moreover, the program can brilliantly search for resized, rotated, and flipped images as well. If you have no time, the program can choose images having higher and lower quality, move them to another folder or remove forever from your hard drive.

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No manual search for duplicates!

It sounds rather unbelievable, but it's true. Once and for all forget about the manual searching for and finding duplicate songs. Audio Comparer does the whole thing automatically. The program is a patient and careful listener of your collection - it won't miss a thing!

No slowing down your PC due to overloading hard drive with heavy excessive photos!

Graphical and audio files are really heavy - and they often cause slowing down of your PC and software. This can hardly be enjoyed by any user. So, having found duplicate songs and removed them all using Audio Comparer, you'll soon notice positive changes in that. Your computer will work much better - and no wonder - it will be clean and tidy!

No more confusion when demonstrating your collection to friends and relatives!

Never again you're going to feel confused or embarrassed when showing your holiday photos to a friend! You'll appreciate the result!

No more headache when listening to your music collection and coming across numerous mp3 clones!

It listens to every song in your collection and can even easily find duplicate songs in your iTunes collection as well, requiring no efforts or time wasting!

So, you see that finding duplicates has never been easier before! It's a real chance to bring an ideal order to your collections while wasting no time.